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Open Source @ Vercel

January 2023 - now
Individual Contributor

Ported turborepo, the monorepo build tool, to rust, while maintaining the open source repo / community. Now working on performance improvements for turbopack.


A low/no config build tool for the web. Caches outputs, parallelizes builds, and prevents duplicate computation.


May 2019 - December 2020

Worked directly with multiple large clients across Europe and the US, delivering solutions within remote execution and caching, distributed systems, and language servers / compilers.


Abstracted out the scheduler into a generic pluggable interface and implemented a backend for etcd, removing a single point of failure.


A cryptographically secure distributed ledger used as a testing grounds to explore (non-byzantine) fault tolerant state machines for use in reliable storage systems.

Remote APIs Testing

A continuous delivery matrix for smoke testing clients and servers using the Remote Execution API against one another.

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