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Google Summer of Code

May - August 2018

Reverse engineered and implemented the AirPlay protocol for the VLC media player. This includes implementing the cryptographic primitives, the SRP6-a cryptographic protocol, as well as HLS streaming and transcoding.


A library that implements the circuit breaker pattern using python decorators to prevent service denial issues in distributed systems.

Felling / Veining

A pair of popular mods for Minecraft with over 300,000 downloads. Uses modern java features to implement a custom extensible block breaking algorithm.

Remote APIs Testing

A continuous delivery matrix for smoke testing clients and servers using the Remote Execution API against one another.


A command line tool, API, and progressive web-app for looking up crime data for postcodes in the UK.

Buck2 Open Source Ambassador


Working on helping open source buck2, the rust-based successor to buck. Primary contact for the open-source community of buck2. Handle issues, respond to queries, and coordinate with their internal engineering team.

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