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Open Source @ Vercel

January 2023 - now
Individual Contributor

Ported turborepo, the monorepo build tool, to rust, while maintaining the open source repo / community. Now working on performance improvements for turbopack.


A low/no config build tool for the web. Caches outputs, parallelizes builds, and prevents duplicate computation.


A next-gen build tool at meta written in rust. Worked on toolchains and open-sourcing efforts.


An swc plugin that transpiles tailwind directives to css-in-js. Delivers 10x speedups compared to a similar tool, twin.macro.

Open Source @ Meta

July 2022 - December 2022
Individual Contributor

Helped open source buck2, Meta’s new rust-based build tool. Built out new open source toolchains for hermetic, reproducible builds, while untangling it from the proriety internal version.


A rust-based asynchronous server for Wrath of the Lich King, using tokio and sqlx.

Open Source @ Stripe

January 2021 - now
Individual Contributor

Built out stripe bindings for rust, supporting a number of runtimes. Always up-to-date, thanks to automated codegen / CI pipeline. Also a Stripe Community Expert, and receive sponsorships for my work.


An asynchronous rust library for the stripe API. Bindings are automatically generated from the OpenApi spec, with backends for multiple async runtimes.

Async Stripe Open Source Community


Stripe community expert. Cultivated the async-stripe community bringing in regular contributors, over 100 stars, and 10s of thousands of downloads. Additionally, distribute a portion of the $3,000/mo in donations from stripe for repeat contributors in support of the rust ecosystem.


May 2019 - December 2020

Worked directly with multiple large clients across Europe and the US, delivering solutions within remote execution and caching, distributed systems, and language servers / compilers.

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